JD Wetherspoon


KD Paine


Ramsgate, Kent

Project duration

45 weeks

Project size

Refurbishment of a derelict Victorian Pavilion, to make the largest public house in the UK.

Project Spend

£3.2 million

Originally built in 1903, the pavilion was derelict and in very poor condition, due to lack of investment in an old building. The roof was replaced with Zinc; bringing a roofer out of retirement as he was the only ones with the skills to complete the specialist works.

We also made a new external roof terrace; installed bespoke panelling replicating the original Victorian style, made in our joiners shop in Newcastle. Installed a mezzanine to make use of the height of the building, to make the largest public house in the UK, all whilst working with Historic England to maintain the past of the building.