A Premier Project for Sanderson

By 30th January 2013 Construction


Principal contractor, Sanderson, won the £4m design and build tender to develop a redundant office block in Leeds into a 131-bedroom Premier Inn hotel.

The Project

The original office block was completely stripped back to its 10-storey shell structure, which enabled Sanderson to construct the walls to form the bedrooms, en-suites and restaurant. Once the interior structure of the hotel was built, Sanderson worked to a tight programme to ensure it was fitted out and furnished to comply with the well-known Premier Inn brand.

Challenges & Unique Points

The Premier Inn project featured several unique points such as the cladding on the building’s exterior that had to be decorated to freshen up the old office block. This meant cradles had to be used to reach the cladding, an unusual specification for a standard construction job.

However, it didn’t come without its challenges, especially when it came to access and storage, which were both very limited. The only entrance to the old site was down a shared access road to a student accommodation building, which had to be kept constantly clear as a requirement. This meant getting tools and materials in and out of the building, while keeping access clear at all times, often proved challenging.

Restrictions also meant there was limited storage and all skips had to be kept inside the building during construction. Sanderson’s professionalism shone through as the team dealt with the restrictions and worked seamlessly around the requirements to complete the project.


Despite the odd challenge, this didn’t faze the team, with solutions being quickly identified and the hotel completed to a Sanderson high standard within just 24 weeks